While editing an element, create a sibling element or a child element

There is one feature that I would find very useful in checkvist. Often while editing an element I would like to convert everything to the right of the cursor position into either a child element or a sibling element.

ithoughtsX, a great mind mapping tool solves this in a masterful way. By pressing tab while editing an element, whatever is to the right of the cursor becomes a child element.

By pressing command + enter, it becomes a sibling element.

It would be really useful for me, and I suppose for many others, to add this behavior to checkvist

Yes, I want that, too: splitting + joining. I never suggested it because doing it by hand is not so much effort, but built-in operations would be convenient and save a few keystrokes.

Could we use the existing feature of “\n” (new line) separator for sibling and “\n + space” for child to achieve this?

This already works in checkvist mobile and a “hack” exists for doing it in desktop is to write the content above and then select all (Ctrl-A) + Cut (Ctrl-X) + Paste (Ctrl.-V) and then it offers you the dialog if you would like to create separate list items, to which you say Yes.

Hi folks,

Thanks for the request and for describing the workarounds.

We’re considering to use Alt+Enter keyboard shortcut to allow splitting the edited item and create a sibling node at the place of cursor. After that, a simple Tab will convert the new sibling in to a child sub-node.

Right now “Tab” already indents the item being added, and command+enter works as a submit of editing. So they probably cannot be used here.


+1 for this! I often find myself in this situation as well.

That would work for me.

Given the current keyboard shortcuts, this would be a good choice. Tab seems quick and natural – just not sure about situations where the split item already has subtasks.