Tasks keep getting wiped?

I’m new to Checkvist and I’ve got a list with three nodes, each of which contains two subnodes that are recurring tasks (weekly). I try checking off subtasks as I go, then go about my business, and navigate back to the Checkvist website a day or an hour or even 10 minutes later to find all of my tasks unchecked. They have not incremented to be next week’s iteration of the recurring task, they’re just this week’s task with the check forgotten.

Am I doing something incorrectly?


Welcome to Checkvist forum :slight_smile:

Currently, if you close a repeating task with a due in the future, it is reopened with the same due (within an hour). This is a bug we’ve fixed but the fix is not released yet (hope to do it this week).

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Amazing, thanks for the quick response! I look forward to the fix.