Separate calendars for each list

Hi! Is there a way to have separate calendars for each list?

In I can see the calendar integration instructions, but I don’t see any option to have one calendar for each list.

I need that, because I want to have one list for team management and several other personal lists, and I want the rest of my team members to have the due dates of the shared list in their calendar apps, but not the due dates of my personal lists.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @ricpelo,

Welcome to the discussion forum and thanks for your patience.

Unfortunately, right now there is no way to choose lists for the calendar integration, other than creating a separate user, share the appropriate lists with them, and creating the calendar link from the account of this user.

We’re going to add “spaces” into Checkvist to allow better separation between work and personal data, but this work requires quite some time.


Thank you very much for your reply!

It seems to be a useful workaround. I’ll try it :slight_smile:



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