Search starts too quickly

A small annoyance: Sometimes when I type something in the search field, I don’t type the second character quickly enough - and an automatic search begins just for the first character I typed. In a long list, that can freeze the program for a long time or even cause a crash. Can you tweak so that the search doesn’t begin till after at least two characters have been entered?


Agree. I would suggest three characters. Doubt I would ever search for a two letter word. That would be three including any prefixes like #.

Fully agree - this is high on my list too.

A suggested approach could be

  1. Auto-Search should wait for 3 characters, before kicking in
  2. User can manually initiate the search by pressing Enter, in case he decides to only search using less than 3 characters.

Hello friends,

We’ve added 3 characters limit for the filtering at, please try it out and let me know if we can improve anything else here. Apart from general page performance and filtering - this is planned, but it is a tough task.

All the best and thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


Much better! Many thanks (as usual).

Charles Heckscher


Thank you maxkir. Your fast response is appreciated.

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Hi @maxkir - can we also fix this on mobile app.
I have observed for a while that my lists run quite sluggish on the mobile (side-note) and the above change can help

Hi @saurabhg9 , we’ll definitely include this into our next update of the mobile app, but I cannot promise we’ll do it soon or promise any specific date at all. Hopefully, within a couple of months.