Quick-add option on mobile?


Will there someday be a feature on mobile to “long press” the mobile app icon and select a quick add option? I honestly don’t know if this is even possible from a dev standpoint on a PWA.


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Thanks for the heads up! We’ve added the corresponding action to the long-press menu on Android, should work if you have a recent version of the Chrome browser.

Screenshot 2020-09-09 at 20.48.25

Luckily, it was easy :slight_smile:

Note - to make it working you have to remove the app and re-add it to the home screen

Thanks again!


Wow! That’s fantastic, thank you Kir! Is this something that can be done on iOS as well?

I’m afraid not yet. The long-press menu for PWA works on Android since June 2020 - it is relatively new feature. For iOS, the only option to support this is to write a native app :frowning:


Got it. Thanks again!