Option to Auto date note entries

I’d love to see an option that allows you to setup notes so they automatically apply a date. This would be great for appending a history of activity associated with an action item. We frequently follow-up on items and it would be helpful to have a dated history in the notes. In this respect, the date is independent of the due date. I envision it preceding the date and automatically tagging the note with the current date/time when the note is added.

That’s the main reason that I’ve been a Dynalist patron—I like Checkvist’s interface but nodes in a Checkvist tree only keep track of the time each node was modified, whereas Dynalist also maintains a record of each node’s creation time. I frequently take advantage of that.

This idea has been tracked for several years (please upvote it!):

Note that Ctrl+; inserts the current date. That might be a sufficient shortcut until the underlying feature request can be addressed?

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That’s very helpful. Thank you! I will use that going forward.