No multi day tasks? :'(

I’m looking for a new system and love everything about so much, except that multi day tasks are not possible :’( :’( Without this I can’t use it

Hi, welcome to Checkvist!

Not sure about multiday tasks - could it be the same as tasks with repeating due?


Yeah, that kind of works as a workaround, but it ends up being really inelegant when combined with the Google calendar sync :frowning:

Hi @Ruairi_Donnelly,

Hmm, repeating due tasks are synchronized with the Google Calendar. If you want to set time for the task, use a text like at 12:00 in the text of the task. What else feels inelegant besides that?


For example:

  1. I make a task that repeats for the next 7 days
  2. Later, I’m in my calendar and want to drag and drop the start or end date of this task

This does not currently work.

Got it, true. It does not work, time support in Checkvist is rather limited. Sorry.