Moving items, using filter to search the lists

New here and fairly new to checkvist but sold on it enough to pay up.

Here’s a question though - I use fairly traditional GTD style organization so I really just have one list that’s an inbox/capture tool and then a second list consisting of a couple areas, with each containing a next actions list; projects lists (with lots of subprojects/tasks/etc); agendas; and a few others.

My problem is that when I’m processing my inbox, I want to be able to use the [mm] command, select a list, and then be able to use the filter to search not just the top level lists but all subs that aren’t showing in that move window too. Otherwise, I end up spending a great deal of time arrow-keying through projects and such to move the item where I want it.

Is there a smoother way of moving like this already that I haven’t found? Is anyone else doing something similar with GTD elements but slicker? Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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Welcome to the community Travis!

I would recommend using a combination of tags, priorities and filters instead of separate lists.
I typically have a couple of checkvist browser tabs open - each setup with a certain “view” to quickly navigate.

As someone who also uses a GTD inspired system, I find the above a lot easier than managing items between separate lists.

Lists are a bit more disconnected from each other, something like separate word documents, and movement of items between them is something that I wouldn’t plan on doing as a regular part of my use-case

P.S. Good decision to go pro on Checkvist! Have been using it for several years and can promise that you will not regret the choice :slight_smile:

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Welcome, @Travis_Williams,

Actually, we have plans to improve ‘mm’ and allow searching in this window, too. Hopefully, it will be available within 2-3 months.

I.e. first you’ll select the list, and then will be able to search through the list items to find the specific target. It works the similar way it works in our WebClipper already.


Hello Travis,

I am very familiar with GTD, and yes I guess I use it the same way as you.

Nevertheless I don’t really feel the need to improve the move feature. I mean, I can deal with it as it is.

I try to keep a clear structure of my lists of project, and take time to well define project name, so that I could eventually find them in 1 step through the filter option of the MM move feature.

But at end, to be honest, anyway it is necessary to go to the second list and make some adjustments. You may need it anyway in order to look for the next step to do or to set priority.

So for me, even if the moved task isn’t placed at the perfect place I could change it later on.

I also use MLO on desktop as my buisness list outliner. MLO does offert a “pop-up” move option, that basicaly duplicate your list in the pop-up. Then you just have to scroll down and click on the parent task in which you want the task to be moved in.

The fact that the pop-up “duplicate” the list appearance help to visually quick recognize where is the goal task.

Alternativerly, you could display 2 Lists in parallel on you screen with an Iframe.

Then you just need to “CUT” tasks from the Inbox and to “Paste” it into the Todo / projekt list at the right place.

This is kind of “hack” that works, and that you can use right know.

Actually there is tons of small “hacks” that could sometime even work as good as a build-in features.

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