Is there a way to see subtasks in due page?


Is there a way to expand the sub-tasks for items on the due page? It would be nice to be able to check off items without having to use ‘gg’ to go into each one.

Can you explain further? My subtasks with due dates assigned are what shows up on the Due page. I can then use SC to toggle the list item context on & off if I’m unsure which parent the subtask belongs to.

If I have a task with 10 subtasks and I assign a due date to the parent task, only the parent task shows up in the due page. I would like the subtasks to show up as well so I can check them off from the due page as that is the place I use to organize my work for each day.


At the moment it is not possible. What you can do is to use ‘gg’ keyboard shortcut to open the parent due task in the list context, and complete items there.
But we plan to add child items to the due page as well. Unfortunately, no estimates.

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