Is there a way to see search results without context?

I would like to run a search for items by priority or tag and toggle the context for parent items. The list has a lot of levels and tasks do not always sit at the same level, so is there a way to only show the task without parent levels?

Hi Tim,

You can only see results in such view on the global search results (but in this case you’ll see items from other lists as well). For in-list filtering, there is no such possibility, sorry.

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Maybe selecting the matches with Ctrl+a is a little help?

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I have a similar request but opposite request. I’d like to be able to search without opening the notes on tasks. Many times the search item will be in the notes and it expands my entire list. Would just like to see the task/item at the top level.

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@Bob_Butler You can collapse all notes with sn keyboard shortcut after the the search. You can also collapse all items to top level with Ctrl+Shift+Left keyboard shortcut.