Indicate current date in the date-picker for tasks already marked with a due date

Currently, today’s date is is highlighted in the date-picker if the task does not have a due-date
However, if the task already has a due-date, then it is the due-date which is highlighted and today’s date is not shown or indicated at all.

It would be good to also show or indicate today’s date in the date-picker (same behaviour is as in Outlook or many other calendars, where the meeting date is shown, but also the today’s date is indicated visually)

Or perhaps this is solveable by custom css?

Is the class “today” always assigned to today’s date in the date-picker?

Hello @saurabhg9,

Yes, the today class is present for today, and in non-dark mode, there is a blue border around the current day. You can use custom CSS to add additional visualization to it.

Sorry for not answering earlier,

Thanks @maxkir - yes, I just saw the blue border on the non-dark mode. Since I almost exclusively use the dark-mode, I didn’t see it.

Do let know, if there are plans to port a similar border on the dark mode. I will try to solve it using css until then.

The below css seems to work well to solve this for both the light and dark mode, in case other’s need it -

.scal .today {
    border: 1px solid #017af0;
	font-weight: bold;

Thanks! The fix should be on the production server now.

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