Inconsistent marking of completed tasks

In the last week Checkvist has been spontaneously showing newly completed tasks by a grey font colour - despite other tasks in the same list previously having been completed shown by crossed out text. These previously completed tasks can be uncompleted and re-completed and the text is again crossed out. I am confused why newly completed tasks should be “greyed out” instead of crossed out. This behaviour persists after reloading the web page and restarting the browser. Does anybody know how to ensure all newly completed tasks are shown as such by having there item text crossed out? Or is this a bug? The attached image shows an example of a task prevously completed (and crossed out) and another newly completed task only greyed out.

Hello Nigel,

Do you use any CSS customizations in your account, and if yes, could they be a reason for the issues?
If not, may I take a look into your account, please send us your e-mail account in Checkvist.


Hi Maxkir,
I have not (at least intentionally) done any CSS customisation to my account. My email is (Let me know if this is not what you need.)



Thanks, I’m looking into this. I’m afraid so far I cannot reproduce the issue.

Basically, I

  • create a list item
  • press Space to mark it completed
  • the item is properly crossed-out and grayed out

If the problem in your case present in all your lists? Or only in some particular branch?
Also, which browser/operating system do you use? Do you have any browser extension, could you please try opening Checkvist in an incognito window and see if the problem persists?

Checkvist may show an item in gray color when they are not yet synchronized with the server. But it is not related to the completed tasks, just about regular just added tasks. Could it be related?

Kind regards,


Having just sent my previous reply on my other bug report (“Irregular indentation”) I have tried change the “1.” prefix of the item title. Again this seems to be the cause of the irregular behaviour (at least on my list). If you create a list item that starts with "1. " does it show the same behaviour? Is this intended?


Hi Nigel,

The syntax like 1. is a typical prefix in Markdown for indented numbered lists. This syntax works the same way in this forum. If you want to avoid indentation, use prefix like 1\.

Hope this clarifies it :slight_smile:


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Hi again, about case when completing items started with 1. - you’re correct, it does look like a bug! Will take a closer look.

UPDATE: should be fixed on our beta site, - thanks!