Inclusive Tag Filters

Is it possible to filter for multiple tags and have it be inclusive? I thought that was how it had been working for me, but now if I select two tags, the items displayed are only those which have both tags. Did I accidentally change a setting making the filter exclusive instead of inclusive (AND instead of OR)?

Thank you.


Tags filtering work in AND mode by default.

But, there is an exception, if you have
Node 1 #tag1
sub-node #tag2

Then filtering by #tag1 #tag2 will return sub-node as well.

True OR search is not supported yet - please watch

Hope this helps,

Yes, it does help. Thank you!

Considering that’s the 3rd top rated idea, and that the 2 before that one are already in progress, any ETA on that work starting? IIRC you said some time this year.

Hi @xBergade, we have several internal tasks in the queue, so I don’t think we’ll start working on this earlier than in the autumn. The best ETA I can give is the end of the year.