Inbox: How do you add tasks that pop into your head while you're working on something unrelated?

I like many things about Checkvist. I’ve never found a way, however, to do something important to me: I’m in the middle of one task and suddenly I remember something important I need to put as a task in a separate part of the outline. I wish I could just add an item to an “Inbox” that would let me easily move it to the appropriate area when I was ready. Hopefully this makes sense.

Any suggestions?


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Hi Orson,

You could type that thing that came to mind “where you are”, press enter, then mm, select your “Inbox” list, and your new item will be added at the top of that list without you having to move away or even loose your location in the current list.

I can see how Checkvist could add a built-in feature for this (as done by other tools), but for me the above workflow works really well, and I am not sure that a built-in feature would add any significant benefit.




You can actually use Checkvist WebClipper for this, and select “Inbox” there as the target list. Alt+Shift+C shortcut, and will work even if you’re not in Checkvist.

Hope this helps,


Hello ! I confirm, some “desktop” Outliners offers a kind of “Rapid Task entry”. I use it with MLO and it is very convenient if you don’t have you browser open at all.

But of course we cannot have all benefits of a Software solution on a Web-application. So we have to find a way to do it quick enough.

With Checkvist I try to always have a Chrome Tab open, and use the Web Clipper. On Android, I use the Nativ Checkvist “Add Task Shortcut”

Or, if you are writing e-mails, you could send it by e-mail to your inbox list.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I did not know of the Checkvist WebClipper, and am trying it out. Thank you all!


I just have a bullet at the top of my only list called inbox.

I use the Checkvist WebClipper, open Chrome window, Android “Add Task Shortcut”, forward to inbox, etc, as described above.

I also sometimes use Braintoss: Braintoss as capture tool for CheckVist howto setup for Checkvist

Does Braintoss work for you ? I have bought the app, tested many time. Didn’t worked.
The support told me not to use “Weird” E-mail address to send e-mails. The “weird” e-mail address is the one of my Checkvist List …

The Native checkvist add Task feature is fine. Maybe still a little bit too slow to load and process the Task add.

Hi folks,

Regarding the Braintoss, if it does not work for you, I’d appreciate if you drop an e-mail from braintoss e-mail directly to We’ll take a look what’s in Braintoss emails make it not working with Checkvist addresses.


I’ve been reluctant to try Braintoss because of the bad reviews it gets (on Android and iOS), and the fact that they don’t offer a free trial to test it out first. However, I have found a couple other apps that seem to work great and have free versions. One is called “Note to Self” and the other is Pensieve. Both allow you to quickly capture text, voice memos, pictures, etc and send them to any email address. I’ve tested with Checkvist and they both work well.

Kirill, not sure what you mean here. My List e-mail look like this :

I just can’t use it with braintoss, the app doesn’t allow me to enter this e-mail address for the destination of the sent tasks.

It says : “Please enter a valid e-mail”

I was thinking it allows to add e-mail, but it does not work when you send e-mail to our address. I’m afraid if they don’t like our e-mail addresses, the fix should probably be on their side :frowning:

I have already tried it 2 times. In my opinion, you have more chances to get them to investigate this than regular Checkvist user.

At the end, you gave them higher visibility on the web, Dofolow Backlink from your site. They have definitely generate more sales from Checkvist users… So it would be totally fair that they deeply investigate this issue and find a fix.

Sorry to hear that :frowning: I’ve just created a ticket, will see how it will go.


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I also stopped using Braintoss because it sends the message to their servers. This is something I don’t need (and don’t want) and so I used the simple “Email me” app instead.

Hello @Thomas_Girard ,

After some discussion with Braintoss folks it looks like it should be working now. At least the e-mail address like is fine with them.

What is the length of the e-mail you have in your “Email-to” address? If it is too large, you can try re-generating OpenAPI key in Checkvist on the profile page (:fire: Note: this will invalidate all your previously generated email-to addresses in Checkvist and all the custom integrations if you used any).

Some time ago I increased the length of the OpenAPI key, and then decreased it back, and this probably affected the Braintoss integration in the process :frowning:

Hope this helps,

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Thank you very much ! After the OpenAPI re-generating, the Lists adresse ist much shorter, and now works fine with braintoss.
Great !
I like it since it is really responsive and quick for idea / Task collection.

Thanks !