I cannot see deleted lines disappear

When you want to cut some lines to paste them somewhere else, they turn into light grey for some time, but never disappear from where they were.
Even stronger after a while they come back in plain typo, as if they were never cut.

Any help welcome

I’m not having this issue… If I use CTRL-X to cut and CTRL-V to paste into a different list, it works fine. Can also use ‘mm’ to move.

@gilgml Did you do actual “paste” after the cut? Without paste, cut does not work.

Detail: It depends on what counts as “paste.” If items are cut and then pasted as text inside a note, for instance, it does not remove the items. Conceptually, cut/paste seems to be a “move” action. If there is no target location for the move, the action is not finished, and the items remain in place.