How to search for untagged tasks?

I have a list that has some tagged items in it. Is there a way I can show all the UNTAGGED items?

More detail, if needed:

  • Tasks that can be completed quickly are tagged as #fast.
  • I printed the list of #fast tasks.
  • Now I want to print the other tasks (not tagged)
  • Is there a way search for them in the search bar?

Even more detail:

  • It’s a huge list. Otherwise I’d just add a tag to the other items.
  • I’d prefer not to export & then import, but I will do it if there’s no search option.

Thank you for your help!


Hi Natalie,

as far as I’ve seen it’s not possible to search for “not tagged” tasks. It doesn’t work in the search bar and the documentation doesn’t mention it either (while on the other hand it is possible to search for “color: none”). So I assume it is simply not supported.

But you’re right: that would be a huge timesaver. While there is an entry in the request tracker to support search for “tag: any”, there is no feature request for searching for “tag: none”. Maybe you create one?


Great idea, I’ll add it! Thank you! In the meantime I’ll just do an export/import and add a new tag to my list.

It’s not an answer to your question. But I have bullets that represent today’s focus, other actions and projects. Then I just drag actions into today’s focus. Works for me (but I don’t try to print).