How do I fully escape from a global search?

After I / to search and then second-enter to global search, an item will be selected.

My fingers expect that if I type esc-esc-d-d that I will be back at the due list.

But the first esc pops me into the search field and the second esc pops me back to the selected item, and then the cycle repeats. I unconsciously hit the escape key a few more times expecting to, you know, escape. But I am trapped.

Hello Charlie,

I’m afraid, there is no way to escape from the global search using the Escape key. You can use gd keyboard shortcut to go to the due page.

Hope this helps,

Well, gd. Thanks for the workaround.

Shouldn’t Esc always, you know, escape?

Well, when you to to a dedicated search results page, Escape works in the scope of this page. Besides ‘gd’ you can also use “Back” keyboard shortcut in browser, I use command [ on Macs.

Hope this helps,