Easy linking between items

I would like an easy way to link to another item.

Today I can do this by copying the link from an item to the clipboard. Then I go to item where I will place the link. With “lnk:” I do manually the link and writing the display text of the link.

I wish something similar to “lst:” (see https://blog.checkvist.com/post/34116653826/easy-linking-between-lists). For example “itm:”, then I write some words of the item I would link to and then can directly choose the desired item.


Thanks for the suggestion, it is a good one, but we don’t have definite plans for the implementation.

Please vote/comment this request in our uservoice regarding the issue.

Thanks again,

I notice using “lc” and “ctrl-k” isn’t too bad to link two items together.

  1. “lc” on target item.
  2. Go to original item, highlight relevant text for link, “ctrl-k”, “ctrl-v”, “enter” to paste the link.
  3. Repeat 1 & 2 to make the reverse link.
  4. Use “gg” to bounce between the links on the target item and original item.


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Hi Sabre!

Thanks for sharing this trick!. We did some efforts to make ‘gg’ working in such a case without page reload, cool to see it is helpful.


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