Duplicate a List and Undoing "extract as new list [xx]"

First question, I have an outline that needs to be reworked. I’m not quite sure how to save a duplicate of that outline before doing the reworking. I want to archive the duplicate just in case I need it back. Can I make a complete copy of a list that can then be archived?

Second question. In experimenting the above question, I tried out the “extract as new list [xx]” function. Is there a way to undo that?

Thank you.

Well, I just answered my own question. To make a copy of a list, simply do a ctrl-c then a ctrl-v. This will first make a copy then paste that copy just below the original list.

Still need help with the second question if possible, although I just want to know for general knowledge.


Hello Jim,

There is Copy list… action under list actions (la) menu.
It allows both duplicate the whole list, and also copy the contents of the current list into a single node of another list (this allows to undo xx).

Hope this helps,