Does anyone else repeatedly create new lists by accident (via `ll` shortcut)?

I do this too often:

  • hit ll
  • type a few chars of a list name, but with a typo
  • hit enter too quickly
  • mutter (or yell, depending on mood, coffee consumption, etc) expletive on having yet again created a new list I didn’t want

Anyone else do this?

I ask because my first thought was to write up a feature request for a new list creation confirmation dialogue (perhaps optional in settings), or some other workaround or idea. But there’s no point asking if I’m the only dolt who does this.

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Several Times! I would like to have a feature to confirm a new list creation. The little time it would take to hit enter on yes or tab-enter for no would save time and aggravation of deleting the list.

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Nope, I only have one list. This might be because I began with Workflowy. Why do you create lots of lists? My one list contains calendar, tasks and a knowledgebase.

Thinking about it, I regret the confirmation dialogue suggestion - they are good for (and only for) high-risk, low-frequency events. Checkvist is a blank slate so can’t determine the frequency of list creation, and an errant list isn’t much of a danger.

If a UX solution is warranted here (I have a open mind on that), it would probably be better to have a quick way to back out - eg. hit ESC while the new list’s title is highlighted.

Depends what you mean by ‘lots’. I don’t really, but compared to only 1, perhaps I do.

In any case, if you have (say) 2 lists (which even to a minimalist probably shouldn’t constitute ‘lots’!), and use ll to switch between them, then the scenario applies.

That makes sense. I have only used ll to create a test list. Thank you for clarifying. As a geral principle I feel that enquiry screens and data change screens should be separate.

Hello folks,

Thanks for noticing this problem and writing about it. Helps to re-think and improve some decisions we’ve made quite some time ago :slight_smile:

We’ve made a correction in ll popup which, we believe, should mitigate this issue. Basically, if you want to create a new list from typing, you should press arrow down first. So occasional Enter won’t hurt that much.

Available for testing on

Is it better?



Much better - a good solution I think.


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