Could hoisting create a 'heading' format on the hoisted item?

Hello everyone! I’m new to Checkvist, and very impressed with it.

What I’m missing, however is this… When I hoist an item, I’d like that item to temporarily assume ‘heading’ status in its hoisted state (i.e. behave like what I believe is a topLevel li). At the moment, of course, hoisting a list item means that I’m nesting below what looks just like another list item (hope this makes sense).

Is this possible via CSS customisation, or might it be considered for the future?



CSS customisation definitely should allow to do it, but could you please illustrate which heading and how would you like it to enlarge?


Hello Kirill,

Thanks for your reply. As a new user, I can only put one image in a post, so I’ll spread this out a bit.Here’s what I mean…

Say I have the following list (please note the size of ‘1. Heading’):


Sorry, I think I’ve wasted your time. It’s just occurred to me that some custom CSS I’ve already applied may be getting in the way of what I want. I removed it and, sure enough, the hoisting works as I wished!

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Not a problem, I haven’t digged in yet :slight_smile: