# character in tags


Is it possible to have # in tags?

Thank you


I’m afraid, no. It is possible to show # at the beginning of a tag using CSS customization, probably.
Or you’re talking about # in the middle of the tag?


Character # in the middle of a tag.

I’d like to have tags with musical keys and I need F#.

Thank you

Ah, I see. I’m afraid it would not be a simple fix, but please file a corresponding request to https://checkvist.uservoice.com/forums/2121-checkvist-web .


for a split second, writing #F# shows up correctly as a F# tag, but is then converted back to text.

Would this work with escape characters?
So, to create a F# tag, I could write
#F\# or #F\\#

I mean, it doesn’t work right now, but it might not be hard to fix. \\ are already recognized as one \.

I also posted this in ideas.

Thank you