Can I pin some item with hand?

I want to quick switch between some lists or items.

For now, the ll (Lists pop-up) is slow, as it will refresh and load all data, when switch back, it actually refreshes 2 times. And the “List pop-up” con’t remember the order, I have to find the list name every time.


the ll window orders the list of lists in the order of the last modification. More precisely, in the order of the last modification made by you.

The double data load is a bug, we tried to add a cache for the lists but probably it does not work very well. Will take a look, thanks for pointing out!


Thank you for your explanation.
The list order is actually changable, which is not usefull sometimes. For example you have many lists and need to switch between them, although it can auto order by last modification, but so many list I have modified, I have to find the one I need because I can’t calculate the order.

For the main topic of this post, if there is a shortcut for favorite lists/items will be better.
this can be a pinned buttons on the top/left/bottom of the list.
or can be a quick list pane when I press a keyboard like ll do.

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I suppose a couple of features (not implemented yet) would be useful here.
One is starring lists and another - saved searches/filters.

As a side note, could you please make a short video using a tool like Jing to illustrate the problem with ll keyboard shortcut? I’m not sure I can reproduce the double-refresh case.


Thank you for your works, I can’t wait to see these new features.

I have used ‘Jing’ to record a short video.
There just 4 list, I switch between list1 and list2, every time I switch, every thing reload, you can see there is a hint at bottom (正在等待 响应).

Maybe not exactly what you need, but my practice is this: When I need to switch quickly between lists, I keep them all open in browser tabs and switch tabs (or sometimes browsers). And for lists of lists (like fav), I make another list that links to the lists (or use tags and/or naming conventions + search). GG opens the linked lists quickly. For this, it would be handy if GG on multiple selections opens all of them (currently only the last selected). So far this did all I needed.

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Thank for your clever ideas. So far I have also used multi tabs (or windows). Your in-list links are really helpful, When there is no support for fav, I think I will use this method very often in the future. Thanks!

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