A new version of Checkvist Web Clipper - now with the target selection, and a new design

Could you please restore the notes field, it only show up if you have something highlighted now which is a pain as I often need to provide context to the link I’m adding. Perhaps it could be an option, or a link/button to show the notes field if nothing was highlighted in the page?

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Yesss, that’s definitely needs fixing. We’ve overlooked this use case somehow :frowning_face:
Will provide a solution with the next version, promise.


Here comes a new version of the web clipper! We’ve added

  • an option to always keep the Notes field open
  • tag, due date, and assignee auto completion
  • a fix for the ‘block third party cookies’ option in Chrome.

Hope it works better for you now :slight_smile:

Web clipper for Chrome https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/checkvist-web-clipper/pheahjlflgbnajeilgglgcdlbkdckamf?

Web clipper for Firefox https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/checkvist-bookmarklet/#&gid=1&pid=1


Really liking the new web clipper. Staying open while scrolling helps tremendously when adding multiple bits of information from a long web page. One request: could you please add a small button, say in the space between Note and #tags, to swap the text in the title and notes fields? I often collect quotes and statistics and like having the title/URL as a reference in the notes instead vice-versa. Thanks!

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Functional, uncluttered, and fast; like everything else in Checkvist. You’re really awesome, guys!

It would be great if we could use Home/End in the Add to dropdown menu.

And maybe even greater if there was an only dropdown menu and we could navigate it with arrow keys to expand/contract subtress.

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That’s an interesting idea, thanks! The use case can be quite common.
I ctrl-x and ctrl-v quite often myself :slight_smile:
“Note swap” could be contextual and unobtrusive, smth like a screen below.
What do you think?



Thank you! We are trying hard to keep up :nerd_face:

The next Web Clipper version is going to have the ‘Add to the bottom’ option. That’s somehow in the course of what you are suggesting.

Not sure about the only dropdown, though. Some lists are huge, loading and navigating them in the browser extension can be a painful task. But anyway, thanks for suggesting this. Maybe @maxkir will find a way to implement it one day :wink:

Hello, hope everyone is safe and functioning :mask:

We’ve just released the WebClipper v.2.3, with a couple of suggested features

  • Swap title and note texts
  • Add a clipping to the bottom of the list
  • Remember the previously selected destination - both the list and the branch

Working feels so good these days.
As if one still can plan and control something.



I would like to report a crime. This video says “Add with one Click”. This is a violation of the product code of conduct and philosophy. I request punishment of the offending party. It should be recorded for all to see. :grinning: The offending party could escape punishment by providing a keyboard alternative.

Ahhh, mia culpa, mia culpa! :dizzy_face:
The only excuse I have this video was quickly made on the beach (literally as we are on vacation). Hot sun, too much mohito and aperol - conditions you start clicking without short-cutting.
All critique solemnly accepted, will make a new better one - as soon as I get back to my work table!

You are forgiven. Hope you having a good vacation. Here is an options for chrome that may prove useful. https://www.howtogeek.com/127162/how-to-create-custom-keyboard-shortcuts-for-browser-actions-and-extensions-in-google-chrome/

@vidderkidder you’re right, but in fact there is already a keyboard shortcut to open Checkvist WebClipper - Alt Shift C. But it is not that simple to demostrate it in the video, so using a mouse there was a, well, shortcut :wink:


Would it be possible to make the new “[youtube: XYZ]” link optional? Most of the time I do NOT want it, and I have to delete it manually :frowning_face:

Hello @xBergade ,

But Checkvist asks if you want to insert [youtube] link if you paste it, and if you just press Esc, it will not embed the video. Or I’m missing something?


Yes, when you paste within CheckVist but not while using the extension and press “Add to List”

To add to this, mostly the reason I use the extension (instead of pasting the YT link into CheckVist) is that CheckVist doesn’t do what I want - that is, it should automatically fetch the title instead of the preview image. Unless I’m doing a YT playlist (not that often) I very rarely want to add the preview image, I just want the title/link instead.

Can I suggest a new 4 option setting in the config for pasting YT links that should be:

  1. Link only
  2. Embed Video
  3. Title and Link
  4. Ask every time (as it currently does, but add a “Title and Link” to the 2 current buttons

Hello @xBergade ,

Sorry for the late response.

Looks like we indeed need to add an option here, and for the main site, too. See this thread.

I’d like to implement an option in a single place (main app). And use the value of this option in the WebClipper, too. Don’t want to introduce the setting in different places.

Thanks for your feedback,

Hello friends,

We’ve added option Offer YouTube video embedding on the Checkvist settings page, if you disable it, Checkvist WebClipper should not add Youtube embed syntax when saving a YouTube link.

Please let me know how it works for you,

I’ve got Web Clipper’s latest version (2.3.4) and the “Offer YouTube video embedding” unticked, get it still shows the [youtube: …] link. I’ve tried a log out/in, restarted the browser but the link still shows up.

On the bright side, the embed link is no longer being offered while using the CheckVist site.

@xBergade looks like the Google Chrome team has not accepted the newer 2.3.5 version yet :frowning:
Previously they did the review faster.

New bookmarklet is available for Firefox only so far.